Fall Boys: Ultimate Race Tournament Multiplayer

Fall Boys Mobile Multiplayer 3D lets you complete each multiplayer challenges with your mobile guys in these crazy ultimate Race knockdown obstacle courses with the sole objective of making every level you enjoy even more humorous and funnier than your previous attempt.
Fall Boys and Guys Royale multiplayer pits you against dozens of other players through insane obstacle courses that get more challenging, more ridiculous, and super fun as you progress.
Guys, girls, tall kids, short dudes, fun boys, weird teens, everyone is welcome to fight, run, and have a stupid good time during this knockout race.

Characters: There are more than 51 shoppable, unlockable or buyable characters!
Game modes: Up to 12 fun and ultimate game-modes in which guys fall from the map
Multiplayer: Up to 30 players per game

Have fun trying not to fall in this multiplayer adventure while competing with other guys multiplayer in this ultimate Racing knockdown!
Have Fun!

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