Kid Aladdin Boy -3D Mini Games

Kid Aladdin Boy -3D Mini Games Kid Aladdin Boy -3D Mini Games

Come and save the princess in this mini game with exciting new levels!

Simple to control!! You can play with one hand very fast. We have among us a casual game which is easy to play yet challenging with one touch control. Sharp concentration, Quick reflexes and observation skills are naturally essential in this interactive classic game.

Legend has it that after the clash of the empires princes Yasmin who loves to chat and play is captured from the arena and taken by force to a mansion in the kingdom . From a totally reliable source it’s known that her survival is in danger if some star hero doesn’t rise to save her life in five days and five nights.
The Sultan who is known to have nerves of steel is now in a zombie state after the loss of thrones and theft of papa’s little girl.

He is searching for an adventure frenzy dragon rider to pull him out of this tangle.Only someone who can raid and strike the fire balls throwing dragons and make them fall flat can have an impact on this conquest.
Do you have the courage to take this duty contest and flick & crack the necks and pop the heads of all the series of enemies and madden them and comeback home with the princess.

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