Defence Master: Shooting Game

Defence Master: Shooting Game Defence Master: Shooting Game

Defence Master is a hyper-casual shooting mobile game. Do you have fond to play action shooting games on your mobile phone in 2022? If yes, then let me introduce you to our best Hyper Casual defence master strike shooting action game. There are many shootings strike casual games which you can play on your smartphone, but we are introducing you to, defense master hyper-casual action shooting game. This defence master shooting game will give you real fun like royal battleground either that is PC battle game or mobile battleground game to play on your smartphone.

This action strike defence master shooting game is amazing, it can be played by anyone whether that is a kid, young or senior person. This hyper-casual modern action strike shooting game has unlimited levels and at the start, this game is very easy to play but as long as you pass the levels it becomes hard level by level because the enemy becomes stronger and stronger. In this fighting battlefield game, there are enemies who will shoot you with their guns only way to save yourself, you should when they fire you, you can save yourself by the projection wall.

When you click on play button in this action fighting strike shooting game, so you have to make a wall directly around yourself to save yourself from the enemy firing or shooting. In case you have not made the wall so you will be killed by the enemy shooting fire. If you have made the wall around yourself then when the enemy shoots you or strikes you, and you have made a wall around yourself so the fire fired by the enemy will be back and the enemy will be killed by his own strike. In case your wall is destroyed by the enemy who is shooting towards you, so you have two things knife and a shield. If you click on the shield so a circle is made which protects you from the enemy strike. And another thing is the knife through which you can kill the enemy when you click on the knife so 1 enemy is killed among other enemies. If there are five enemies then you must click the knife five times so the enemies will be killed by you.

This strike enemy and free shooting battleground game comes with different characters, the first will be free the remaining you have to unlock with the cash money which either you can earn by watching a video or you can buy through in app purchase. Along with that there is an armour for your protection, with that you can protect yourself from enemy shooting.

This defence Master Shooting game is considered as a best shooting game in 2022 which you can play free on your phone. This game can be called as best free shooting hyper casual game in 2022. This ultimate action strike shooting game is full of fun, action, and excitement. if you are feeling bored and wants to spend your in full enjoyment then you must install our action strike battleground shooting game of the year. of course, there are many shooting games which are available free of cost to play on your smartphone, but the shield master shooting game is outstanding because you can play it free of ads, a lot of characters, high graphics and so on.

This Free Hyper Casual Shooting Game is supported by ads. if you want to enjoy ads free envirement then I will suggest that you buy our premium plan, to play the best shooting game 2022 without ads free of cost.

Key Features:
Easy to Play
High Graphics
Unlimited Levels
A lot of Characters
Free Hyper Casual Shooting Game

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