Monster Truck unleashed challenge racing

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Monster Truck Game? Seatbelt On, please.

With Monster Truck Car game you don’t need the old fashion Bat Car anymore. You have enough exiting and interesting that most car racer games offer for kids and adults in this game.
Since the first publishing of the cool games for kids and adults of Atari games, the popularity of car racer games is increasing and still. We appreciate this passionate desire of playing car racer games and collect it in one package in Monster Truck Racing Game.
What to expect with such an off road truck game? Let’s discover…..
General features:

- Soft and Hard obstacles
- Stunning views
- Attractive sound effects
Monster Truck driving game diversity:

- Monster Truck variety: Choose among the big variety of monster truck models, colors, sizes, number of wheels, and more.
- Cities and Roads: Choose your favorite track and city. Do you like Egypt’s desert and pyramids? Enjoy your track. Or you may like New York City with the high skyscrapers. Enjoy the monster truck simulator in your hand.
- The Course: Choose among different courses. If you are a beginner and want to discover the game, choose the smooth courses. Or you may choose the challenging courses of Monster Truck new game for more fun. Do you like to face a lot of obstacles and hurdles? Monster Truck off road game is the best among off road truck games ever.

The Control of Monster Truck

It is better if we called it Monster Truck games as an indication for the easiness of the Monster Truck Arena. It is as easy as it was a kids and adults game. Using the easy controls you control gas, brakes, and the balance of the car, and more options for more pleasure.

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