12 Best Food to Eat with a Sore Throat


If it feels like you’re trying to swallow a chainsaw, then it’s clear to see you have a sore and possibly inflamed or infected throat. Rather than battle through eating dry crackers and crusty bread that worsen the problem, why not arm yourself with soft and soothing food instead?

There are so many food options on the market to alleviate pain and discomfort. In fact, numbers four and nine would even make you want to have a sore throat more often…

1. Milk

If you have a sore throat, it can be hard to eat proper food, which means you run the risk of getting dehydrated and even sicker! However, trying to skull back gallons of water to keep your fluids up is next to impossible.

Instead, try drinking milk. Milk is going to help you remain hydrated while being versatile at the same time. You can drink it on its own or in a milkshake. The best part is, it helps you to feel full which is a blessing when you are struggling to eat.

2. Pasta

If you thought to have a sore throat meant you had a limited menu, think again! Pasta, in its glorious soft form, will be your saving grace for the days where you have limited options.

The best part is, there are hundreds of pasta options on the market! As long as you stay away from acidic-based sauces to accompany them and go for Macaroni and Cheese, you will enjoy having pasta on the menu.

3. Oatmeal

Oatmeal is a breakfast food, but when you have a sore throat, you have an excuse to make it your breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

The warm, soft oats will feel like heaven on a sore throat – not to mention how you can add flavor. A touch of honey can be both flavorsome and soothing for your throat.

The best part about oatmeal, aside from how smoothly it goes down, is that it fills you up. When all you want is a hearty steak or burger, it can have your tummy satisfied in no time.

4. Dairy Desserts

Dairy desserts with a gelatine base and mousse are excellent options for putting out the fire in your throat. Not only are they delicious, but they are soft and cold – the perfect recipe for relieving that burning and irritated throat.

What’s more, while you’d typically need to scrape together an excuse to indulge in dessert, you now have one solid reason. It’s time to stock up on dairy desserts and make the most of this treat while you can!

5. Yogurt

If you thought to have a sore throat meant you had to lose out on flavor and variety, then you couldn’t be more wrong. A walk down the dairy aisle of the grocery store shows you there are so many yogurt flavors to take your fancy.

You can opt for natural yogurt or bottles with fruit chunks, or even flavors such as chocolate, banana, and caramel. If you want to take care of your health, opt for the non-fat variety that has more nutritional value and less sugar.

6. Mashed Potato

If you are missing out on French fries because they hurt too much to swallow, then opt for the next best thing: mashed potato! While you lose some nutritional value by adding cream and butter, you do get to enjoy the creamy, salty deliciousness on offer while you’re feeling under the weather.

If you’re watching your figure, keep the skins on when you mash them and benefit from that extra fiber. The best part about mashed potato is that it’s easy to prepare in bulk for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!

7. Smooth Soups

Soup is usually a winter menu dish, but in the case of having a sore throat, it can become your everyday food for as long as you need it to be. Smooth soup with plenty of hearty vegetables provides your body with the necessary vitamins and minerals for getting better.

What’s more, when you eat chicken soup, you benefit from anti-inflammatory properties which can help to heal your sore throat sooner rather than later!

If you’re not handy in the kitchen, get your friends and family to take pity on you and prepare a pot.

8. Scrambled Eggs

Even if you’re a novice in the kitchen – anyone can make scrambled eggs, even if it ends up being by accident! They are delicious, accessible, affordable, and the best part, beneficial for relieving a sore throat.

However, much to your surprise, the benefits don’t end there. One egg contains a significant amount of vitamins and minerals such as A, B5, and B2, as well as zinc, protein, and healthy fat.

As a result, you may find your symptoms of illness are gone far quicker than you thought possible!

9. Popsicles

If you’re a lover of sweet treats, then you will be pleased to know that you can have as many popsicles as you like! For a severely sore throat or strep throat, nothing numbs and soothes as effectively as a sweet, delicious, and cold popsicle that requires no manual labor on your part.

You just have to sit it in your mouth and let it melt away, numbing that stinging, burning pain as it goes down. The best part is, you can choose from a range of flavors without having to think of an excuse to indulge!

10. Smoothies

When almost anything you put in your mouth is like a chainsaw to swallow, you run the risk of becoming not only dehydrated but lacking in necessary vitamins and nutrients as well. Smoothies are a great way to make sure your body doesn’t suffer as a result of your sore throat.

You can pack in both fruit and vegetables that would usually be hard to swallow when they are whole. What’s more, smoothies are delicious which means you’re not going to hate having to drink them!

11. Apple Cider Vinegar

When you get sick, your mom always tells you to “keep your fluids up” and “get plenty of rest.” While water is the best fluid you can have, it can get boring over time. If you want to drink something different without irritating your throat, give apple cider vinegar a try.

As it’s non-acidic, it won’t burn your throat– but make sure you add it to water, tea, or honey. The best way to drink apple cider vinegar is with one tablespoon of the vinegar, two tablespoons of honey, and a cup of warm water.

12. Bone Broth

Saving the best for last – bone broth. The benefits of including bone broth in your diet are tremendous – and not only for when you have a sore throat.

Bone broth can help with inflammation, satisfying your hunger, warming you up, alleviating digestive conditions, and assisting with infection. If there were any food you would benefit from while suffering from a sore throat, it’s a warm bone broth.

If you can’t or don’t know how to make a bone broth, it might be time to give mom and call and see if she can lend a hand…


When you are suffering from a sore throat, you can feel miserable, uncomfortable, and in a lot of pain. Rather than add to the discomfort by munching on hard food, add any of these options above to your diet. It beats chewing on chainsaws.

Finding delicious, soft, and nutritious food can be a challenge, but it’s not impossible. You may find these options above even become part of your everyday diet post-sore throat. Well, at least the popsicles and dairy desserts might…

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